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A Korean-language film is a cinematic work which has been made in the Korean language, and may refer to any film that has been shot in Korea or originally written in Korean.This blog post will be about how and where you can download and watch an english subtitle version of a korean movie called "Penny Pinchers" for free, which was released in the year 1999. Learn about what life is like for this family who lives on the breadline with absolutely no money to spare, but daydream constantly about what it would be like if they were millionaires. You will also learn how you can get at least one version of the movie with both engish subtitles and audio. An adaptation of a 1995 play by Kim Chul-soo, "Penny Pinchers" stars Park Sung-woong and Lee Yeon-hee.In the midst of the poverty from the economic recession, a young man named Yoo Eun-cheol (Park Sung Woong) who wants to start a new life is disturbed by his father's persistent penny pinchers. After losing his job, Yoo Eun-cheol's mother gets a part time job answering phone calls for a loan company that sold low down payments on its loans, causing them to sell their house and move into a one room apartment in downtown Seoul. To support his family, Yoo Eun-cheol's father gets a job as a security guard outside a local branch of Norae Bank. One day, Yoo Eun-cheol comes across discarded shares in the trash at the bank he works in and in an ambitious move by Yoo Eun-cheol, decides to try to sell them. Although he is able to sell the shares for much more than their value, his action is discovered by his boss and he quits his job.At the same time, Yoo Eun-cheol's father meets with an old friend who works for an investment firm, who makes him an offer that would allow him to buy back their house. However, Yoo Eun-cheol's father refuses since it involves a high interest rate phone phone contract that would prevent him from going back to work for a long time. As Zu-mi, Yoo Eun-cheol's mother suffers from a numbness to pain caused by her abusive childhood and becomes pregnant with their second child. At the same time, the family is offered a chance to win one billion won from a lottery drawing. Hoping that he can provide for his family after winning, Yoo Eun-cheol's father buys ten lottery tickets and wins first prize- one million won. The rest of the family is shocked and awed by Yoo Eun-cheol's father's sheer luck, and the family begins to luxuriate in their newfound wealth.However, Yoo Eun-cheol's father refuses to give his winnings to his wife and children, and instead starts gambling away more money on the lottery. Soon after, Zu-mi suffers a miscarriage due to complications arising from her abusive childhood. Heartbroken and depressed by losing the child he created with her, Zu-mi runs away from home out of anger and despair. When he returns home later that day, Yoo Eun-cheol's father has been gambling all night with his winnings from the lottery.


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